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Ato Girum Tsegaye

Ato Girum Tsegaye

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Ato Girum Tsegaye Kassa is an experienced Banker who has been working in the Ethiopian Banking/Finance sector for nearly three decades, serving in various positions – from Junior Officer to Chief Executive Officer. 

Ato Girum earned his MBA degree in Business Administration and BA degree in Business Management from Addis Ababa University. He has also been engaged in various technical and management development trainings.

Ato Girum was appointment as a Chief Executive Officer of Goh Betoch Bank as of February 1, 2024, and his appointment was approved by the National Bank of Ethiopia. Prior to that, Ato Girum was a CEO of Berhan Bank. He is also Board member of Berhan Insurance S.C.

Before joining Berhan Bank as its CEO, he had served Hibret Bank where he was reinstated as a Senior Deputy CEO. Earlier on he was Vice President for Administration and Finance, and then Vice president of Operations at Hibret Bank. At Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, where he started his banking carrier and exercised leadership roles, he worked in various managerial positions and served in key ad-hoc assignments in the areas of Training and Development, Human Resources Management, Credit, Procurement, Strategic Planning, and so on. He was also a trainer of various technical and management development trainings including Credit Analysis and Appraisal.

Apart from his Banking experience, in between his banking career, Ato Girum had served as the founding CEO of Ethio Lease Ethiopian Capital Finance SC, which is the first foreign owned equipment lease financing company in Ethiopia, licensed by the National Bank of Ethiopia.