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W/ro Fasika Kebede

W/ro Fasika Kebede

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W/Ro Fasika Kebede was one of the founding members of Goh Betoch Bank (GBB). During the commencement of the Bank’s operation, she was also elected as a Member of the Bank’s Board of Directors by the General Assembly during the Shareholders meeting that was held in October 2020.

Regarding educational background, she received MBA from the University of Wales, U.K, BA in Economics from Addis Ababa University and Diploma in Banking & Finance from the Addis Ababa College of Commerce, Ethiopia. Moreover, she obtained various Certificates from different local and foreign institutions.
Based upon all these excellent educational backgrounds, she served the financial sector of Ethiopia at different capacity levels of working career. As a well-experienced banking professional, she served the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia at various positions and ultimately became the Vice President of Finance & Accounting. Following this high-level post, she also became a Founding President of Enat Bank S.C. She was also a Member of the Board of Directors of NIB international Bank and Commercial Nominees PLC respectively.
Apart from the core banking experiences, she also led the Ethiopian Red Cross society as a Secretary General of the Society and a member of the Finance Commission of the international Federation for the Red Cross & Red Corset Societies
She also provided voluntary services for different charitable organizations as a Member of the Board of Directors. In later years, she has become self-employed, consultant and managers of different organizations.
In general, her excellent educational backgrounds and rich working experiences are good manifestations of her competence and confidence to become Member of the Board of Directors of GBB.