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Ato Kefene Gurmu

Ato Kefene Gurmu

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Ato Kefene Gurmu is one of the founding members of Goh Betoch Bank and while the Bank was under formation, he served as a Project Manager of the project Office. Later, he joined the Bank’s Board in October 2020 as a Board member through election.

He earned his LLB and LLM Degrees (Business law with emphasis on Laws of Business organization, Banking, Insurance, Intellectual property, and arbitration) from Addis Ababa University. In addition, he took different trainings in various topics and earned certificates of participations. He is an author of Books in topics of Corporate Good Governance and Banking Transactions and Banking laws. In addition, he wrote different articles and published in different publications.
In his professional experience, Ato Kefene is a Counsellor and Attorney at Law. He served Wegagen Bank S.C as a Director of Legal Service directorate, full time and freelance lecturer at different Universities, and served as a Legal services head and expert at governmental organizations.