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Ato Belachew Hurrissa

Ato Belachew Hurrissa

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Ato Belachew joined Goh Betoch Bank’s board in October 2020 as a Board member through election and now is serving the Board as a Chairperson.

He is an agricultural economist that earned his BSc in Agriculture, Food Science Technology and Nutrition from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India where he joined a senior Honours program in Food Science Technology and Nutrition. He completed his MSc in Agricultural Economics from university of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, UK. In addition, he has diplomas and certificates in a wide variety of topics. He authored or co-authored more than sixty professional publications.
In his professional experience, he held leadership positions within Government of Ethiopia’s Development and regulatory authorities: Ministries, parastatals, Boards of Directors of Public & Private Enterprises and share companies and bilateral projects and programs, including serving as Acting Chief of Party and Deputy Chief of Party of the USAID-financed SPS-LMM program. He is an expert in development of the private sector at the regional and national level, including development of trade and new market and private diary industry through approaches of PPP (Public-Private Partnership) in Ethiopia.
Ato Belachew Served Cooperative Bank of Oromia S.C as a member, Vice chairperson and Chairperson for six years.