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Privacy Policy

Goh Betoch Bank’s Privacy Policy

Goh Betoch Bank respects your right to privacy and the faith you invest in us to secure your personal information. We think it’s critical to be transparent with our clients about how information is gathered, utilized, and shared at Goh Betoch Bank. We value the chance to work with you and respect your privacy as well as the confidentiality of your personal information.
We will handle any information you provide us with care, and we understand that managing and protecting any information you submit with us requires proper action.


Any information you provide to us must be voluntary and authorized by you. If we aim to gather information about you, we will always let you know.

Information Gathering and Dissemination

We will take the necessary precautions to secure your personal information from unauthorized access or disclosure if you share it with us. In rare situations, such as those involving criminal investigations of fraud cases, we might not be allowed to tell you of a request for information.
The domain names of visitors, the number of times each page has been seen, the number of times each file has been downloaded, and the time of day that visitors to our web pages’ access them are all data that our web servers may gather. To evaluate the success of our website and improve our services and content, we are only interested in data on a significant number of users.